MK Gallery, Milton Keynes


900 Midsummer Boulevard,

Milton Keynes,


Construction will start in Summer 2017 on 6a architect's expansion of MK Gallery, one of the UK’s leading public contemporary art galleries. The new building will include gallery spaces, an auditorium for film, performance and talks, education facilities and a café and bar.


Placed at the end of Midsummer Boulevard, where the city's central axis meets Campbell Park, the gallery will be the centre of Milton Keynes’ arts quarter. The main boulevard, set out to leylines aligning with sunrise on Midsummers Day, is lined by the prominent civic, cultural and commercial buildings of the town.

Aerial of view of Milton Keynes by Helmut Jacoby

A new building is added to end the city axis, wrapped in stainless steel continuing the late-Modern architectural origins of Milton Keynes. The polished metal façade is corrugated across its surface, ambiguously shifting between reflection, transparency and opacity. A large circular window frames views from the auditorium over the radial landforms and conical grassy mounds of Campbell Park.